Get special rates for Realtors. Move out speacials, top of the line truck mount carpet and tile cleaning. One call we do it all.

We specialize in Phoenix / Chandler cleaning and carpet cleaning, as well as move out and move in home cleaning, providing homeowners and realtors . Clean Rite Carpet AZ  offers many services geared to meet Realtors needs. Residential & Commercial Cleaning; Move In/Move Out Cleaning

A skilled carpet-cleaning expert can really make a
BIG difference in the appeal of a property.

As you know, even if the rest of the house is clean and beautiful, a tired, dirty looking carpet makes the whole house look dingy. A carpet that smells bad or has pet damage can also be a strong deterrent to potential buyers.

A skilled carpet cleaning company, like Clean Rite Carpet AZ of Phoenix/Scottsdale, can help you and your client avoid losing money by reducing or eliminating big carpet allowances and expensive carpet replacements. We have the tools and skills necessary to restore the beauty and fresh clean feeling to stinky, stained, damaged and excessively dirty carpets.


With Clean Rite Carpet AZ of Phoenix/Scottsdale, you can increase your sales profits and save your clients THOUSANDS of dollars that would otherwise be lost in carpet allowances or on premature carpet replacement costs.

Clean Rite Carpet AZ of Phoenix/Scottsdale specializes in providing Real Estate Agents with unparalleled expertise and service, and we take it even further than that. We understand that time is money to you and your clients. Our scheduling is always prioritized so that we are available at your convenience